Matt Borgman | Full Stack Web Developer

me in my apple hat.

A Little About Me...

I'm Matt Borgman, I'm a self taught full stack developer. Although I was born in Oscoda, MI, I have lived most of my life in Vancouver, WA. I love the Pacific North West. When I'm not working on my coding skills you can usually find me engaged in one of my other hobbies such as; anything Star Wars, cooking, eating, and video games. Have a look at some of my projects, I hope you like what you see, and don't forget to reach out to me if you would like to talk about a job or just wanna talk about programming!

me in my yoda hat.




​ I have experience Training / coaching co-workers as well as leading team meetings and creating and then gave group presentations.
​ I have experience talking to large groups of people as well as talking to customers one on one for an extended amount of time. I’m skilled at keeping the customer on my side as well as from coaching figuring out the best communication style for different people.
Time Management
My most recent position was a remote job and therefore time management was all up to the employee. I got very good at making sure I could get all my work finished and still attending meetings and breaks on time.
Customer Service
​Sometimes the best thing to do is take a look at your work from the customers perspective. I feel I am skilled at that and therefore am able to maintain a good relationship with customers.